Performing Arts Technician

Secondary campus, TPE


The Performing Arts Technician plays a vital role in the Performing Arts life of the school by providing the technical requirements for productions and events in the Secondary Campus (ESC) Auditorium and other associated areas of the school.

Application Procedures and Timeline

  • If you are excited by this opportunity, please complete our application form online where you will also be asked to upload your CV and a Covering Letter in which you share your experience and enthusiasm for the role.
  • The closing day of the application: 04.00 p.m, 31 May 2024.


  • Operate and maintain the lighting board. Position, focus and patch lighting rigs.
  • Operate and maintain the soundboard and all audio equipment.
  • Provide lighting, sound and stage management for all school events, including exam-based productions.
  • Responsible for the preparation of rooms for classes, meetings, conferences, and concerts, as directed by the Head of Theatre and Head of Music, including setting up audio-visual equipment and assisting with the smooth running of such events as required.
  • Provide AV support in the core performance spaces e.g. Atrium and MPR for all ESC events (shows, concerts, assemblies, meetings, presentations etc). 
  • Responsible for the editing/transfer/storage of video and audio files associated with performances/exams/classroom.
  • Organise the storage of resources and maintain inventories.
  • Responsible for Health & Safety monitoring of all performance spaces.
  • Keep teaching and performance spaces clear and in good working order.
  • Manage the performance space bookings.
  • The Performing Arts Technician will provide technical assistance and support during events as requested or as needed.
  • Daily upkeep and maintenance of performance space (lighting, sound,  projection and recording) equipment and systems.
  • Liaise with the maintenance department to ensure that all aspects of the performance spaces are maintained (AC, power, furniture etc).
  • Attend briefings, planning, and training sessions that pertain to performance spaces and associated AV equipment.
  • Troubleshooting AV equipment when there are technical questions or problems related to AV equipment and identifying appropriate solutions. 
  • Track and continuously monitor, store, and maintain all Performing Arts assets at the ESC.
  • Any other duties required by the Head of Theatre or Head of Music to support the smooth running of the Performing Arts.


  • Internal contact with administrative, teaching, and non-teaching staff regarding Performing Arts & AV issues.
  • Collaboration with all departments and sections to support events.
  • Liaising with external companies for School events if required. 
  • Collaborate with colleagues at the EPC (Primary Campus). 
  • Support the mentorship of student tech crews.

Relevant Experience

  • Experience and knowledge of technical work in a theatre or public entertainment environment.
  • Experience in stage management to support performances and events.
  • Experience in rigging and operating sound and lighting equipment and stage presentations in theatre venues.
  • Significant knowledge and experience of the health and safety requirements of technical work, including working at height, and experience of risk assessment.
  • Knowledge of the maintenance and care of sound, lighting, and stage equipment.
  • Knowledge/experience of AV equipment and video/audio editing software.
  • Be aware of emergency procedures and troubleshoot concerns throughout the performance spaces.